E- learning platform

The aim of MIND THE GAP project is to determine the needs of the digital migrants in terms of setting a framework for contemporary digital skills, developing new learning contents and methods, providing an e-learning platform including digital-ed modules and instructional videos as maps to help digital migrants to become active participants in digital environment.

E- learning platform including digital-ed modules for the contemporary digital skills for digital migrants.

This is a multi-lingual e-learning platform for adult trainers in the teaching of digital migrants to guide in concrete ICT skills to be used in daily life. The primary focus of the platform is offering learning contents in digital-ed modules through a digital environment. The contents of the modules aim to cover important aspects of the “digital life” in terms of self-development, social and financial interaction, creating and managing electronic identity (eID), cyber security, etc.

The digital-ed modules are grounded on the training curriculum for adult trainers in guidance of digital migrants to acquire skills and autonomy in the use of digital tools, which is the second result of the MIND THE GAP project (you can find it here)

A practical guide for adult educators to overcome the challenges in adult learning compliments the e-Learning contents (you can download the guide here).

Platform, digital-ed modules, and practical guide for adult learning aim at assisting digital migrants in their adaption process in terms of social inclusion, access to knowledge, and participation in citizenship.